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Welcome to the Department of Sanskrit

The oldest of old languages, Sanskrit has privileges that only few other languages in the world possess. Derived from the root kru, the name translates as cultivated or purified. With the meritorious and enduring literature scriptured in the language, Sanskrit is valued alongside the classic languages, Latin and Greek. If we trace the origin of Sanskrit, we will see it as one of the longest surviving languages of the world. It is as connected to the European languages as it is with the North Indian languages. Confirming to the status of being the mother of Indian languages, it has continually enriched almost all the languages of the subcontinent. In terms of grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary, one may find Malayalam being greatly influenced by Sanskrit. India recognises Sanskrit as a classical language and also the second official language of Uttarakhand. The popular belief is that Sanskrit was the general language of the greater Indian subcontinent in ancient times. It continues to be used today in literary media, radio, television and films.

The college offers courses in Sanskrit as a subsidiary to Malayalam. It is envisaged that a profound knowledge in Sanskrit language and literature can be acquired through the courses provided in 4 semesters for BA and 2 semesters for MA.

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